A visit to medieval times

The Cyber Security Summit created an opportunity for me to visit Tallinn, Estonia. I had to work at the summit which went from Monday to Tuesday. Thursday was a public holiday in Germany. So I thought: “Jackpot! Let’s make it a long weekend in Tallinn!” My company allows us to combine business and leisure travel if the travel expenses aren’t more expensive. So I checked for flights leaving Tallinn on Thursday. More expensive. Continue reading “A visit to medieval times”


Waiting for the Bus in Malta

Actually I wanted to do my autumn vacation together with a colleague in Tuscany. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to synchronize our days off from work. So I had to replan. I’m not the most enthusiastic car driver, so Tuscany alone was not an option. I needed somewhere with good public transport. 😊 Continue reading “Waiting for the Bus in Malta”

My Travel Highlights of 2017

As the year ends and media is filled with end-of-year reviews, I somehow have the gnawing feeling that this hasn’t been the best year for me. Don’t misunderstand me, it hasn’t been a bad year either. But I have been very busy at work, not much out of the ordinary has been going on, life just happened… But did it really? Maybe it’s only because 2016 had been a blast. Maybe therefore 2017 seemed uneventful. But actually, it wasn’t. This became clear to me when I created “My 2017 in pictures” story on Instagram (you can watch the video at the bottom). There, I shared one picture of each trip I had been on throughout the year. Here, I would now like to share one highlight of each trip with you. Continue reading “My Travel Highlights of 2017”

All by myself on Texel

As you might have noticed, I haven’t written a blog post for some time. This is because I drowned in work these last months. I’m organizing a big event with 1.000 participants in February and so I knew that the end of the year would be busy. Therefore, I wanted to get away in September. I just didn’t know where to go to and with whom. Continue reading “All by myself on Texel”

Best Sisters for an enthusiastic Traveler

No need to say that I have the best sisters in the world. Of course, everybody says so. But I can’t deny it – mine are the best. To quote a colleague’s saying “It’s no compliment, it’s state of fact!” [imagine that spoken with an eastern European accent – unbeatable!] Mine are simply the best. (Did I already mention that!?] And I’m a lucky girl: I have two of them. And what’s more: they decided to live in various places around the world. Let me introduce to to the “Schwinge Sisters” Continue reading “Best Sisters for an enthusiastic Traveler”

Blind Booking – and why I have never done it again

Jumping in front of Schönbrunn Palace Vienna

Do you know this feeling? You kind of want to go on a trip but you are a bit uninspired about where to go. You just feel this tickling, this longing. The last big trip is either some time ago or lingers in the distance and you just somehow want to fill the gap with a nice spontaneous short trip which doesn’t need much planning. A German airline apparently does know this feeling and has the perfect offer: Blind Booking. Continue reading “Blind Booking – and why I have never done it again”

Am I dreaming? No, I’m in Hawaii!

View of Diamond Head from Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Jumping on Waikiki Beach in front of Diamond Head, Hawaii

I would like to share one of my favorite jumping pictures with you. Before it was taken, my bucket list which you can see on the right would have looked different. Ever since reading “Hawaii” by James A. Michener, the archipelago was on top of my list. In September 2015 this dream finally came true.

The journey from Germany to the remote group of islands in the middle of the pacific takes a while. Bonn → Frankfurt Airport 2.5 hrs by train, Frankfurt → San Francisco 11.5 hrs, San Francisco → Honolulu, O’ahu, Hawaii 5.5 hrs. Oomph! Of course I was very exhausted when we touched down but I was thrilled. It was pretty much the first time that I was able to fulfill one of my dreams. An amazing feeling! It was a bit dampened when unexpectedly Continue reading “Am I dreaming? No, I’m in Hawaii!”

Just another Travel Blog – for me

So, this is it. My first public blog. I would like to share with you, why I do this blog. When I was recently sifting my vacation pictures I had posted on Facebook, I realized with some little shock that I forgot about some of them, respectively the situations I took them in. But as I took a picture there, it must have been an important moment for me and there was a certain reason why I took this picture. That was when I decided to start my travel blog. To have a travel diary for myself. And if it entertains you a bit – even the better. Continue reading “Just another Travel Blog – for me”