Finally in the Red Center

Already flying over Australia’s vast red center was an incredible experience. Landscapes as I’ve never seen them before and a whole lot of NOTHING. And then all of a sudden a road and you ask yourself: “Where the heck does this road lead to? There’s nothing…” Continue reading “Finally in the Red Center”

Beach, Brisbane and Bandaids

Arriving in Noosa immediately felt right. The town just has a very relaxed vacation vibe to it. Small stores, cafés and beach-goers. And it was one of the towns where I took a little hostel break and checked in to a motel. Finally some space to myself again. 😊 Continue reading “Beach, Brisbane and Bandaids”

Taking a break

It’s here! After twelve months of planning and preparation my sabbatical started yesterday with a jump out of the office. I will be off from work for four months of travels.

“Why are you taking this break?” was the most common question I got since I made my decision public. There are actually two reasons for that. Continue reading “Taking a break”

A visit to medieval times

The Cyber Security Summit created an opportunity for me to visit Tallinn, Estonia. I had to work at the summit which went from Monday to Tuesday. Thursday was a public holiday in Germany. So I thought: “Jackpot! Let’s make it a long weekend in Tallinn!” My company allows us to combine business and leisure travel if the travel expenses aren’t more expensive. So I checked for flights leaving Tallinn on Thursday. More expensive. Continue reading “A visit to medieval times”