Taking a break

It’s here! After twelve months of planning and preparation my sabbatical started yesterday with a jump out of the office. I will be off from work for four months of travels.

“Why are you taking this break?” was the most common question I got since I made my decision public. There are actually two reasons for that.

Since I was a teenager I’ve been dreaming of traveling to Australia. I’ve been reading books (those kitschy-sweet novels) about the colonization of the continent and found it super fascinating. At first I never dreamed that one day I’d have the financial means to ever see it. Then, when I started a well-payed job, I realized that I actually don’t have the time to. The usual three-week-vacation wouldn’t do for a country so far away from Germany with so much to offer. So I put that dream aside for the day I met a great guy and would take a break together with him. Because I also couldn’t imagine doing it on my own. Well, as life goes, the guy takes his time. 😉 So I slowly started to play with the thought of solo-travel. But still, the short vacation problem remained.

Which leads me to my second reason. I have a great job. Colleagues who’ve become friends. Interesting tasks. A great working environment. Inspiring and future-oriented leaders who are developing my career together with me. Sounds pretty perfect, doesn’t it? I mean, I won’t deny that of course I am also sometimes mad at colleagues, am bored by some tasks and am sometimes just drowning in work. But still, I cannot complain. I figured it was time for some change when I didn’t fully relax during vacations and wasn’t having as much fun at work as I used to even though all circumstances were so close to perfect.

Therefore, I decided to take the break. Thanks to an awesome HR product of my employer I was able to save parts of my salary and will receive 80% per month during my sabbatical. This of course also helped me make my decision. 😉

So I started planning. At first, I couldn’t resist packing all countries into my schedule I want to visit: Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, Canada, a sister visit to Baltimore and Iceland. I realized that this was too much for me. I want to have time for two of my bucket list’s top three: Australia and Canada. During my “hostel test” in Malta I furthermore realized that I don’t want to be away from home for four months straight and also need my private space now and then. So I changed my plans accordingly and will “only” be in Australia, Canada, Hawaii and Baltimore with a two week break in between at home.

During the last twelve months of planning I’ve been realizing one crucial thing: this is MY sabbatical. I will do it my way. Everybody has an opinion on what I should or shouldn’t do. And I am sure that it’s with the best intentions. But you can‘t take all advice. You need to be clear that you do this sabbatical for yourself. And only yourself. Not to please others or Instagram. 😉 So, in the following blogs I will share with you, what my sabbatical looks like. And I know it will not all be perfect. But at least it will have been my imperfect decisions. 😎


Never stop believing in your dreams! They may come true after all.


George Ezra – Shotgun